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A personal statement

With Chicbags you will find the perfect handbags and accessories, which will make you turn heads wherever you go.

Choosing the perfect handbag is not an easy choice. There are some which are too extravagant and not suited for you. There are some which are a bit too simple for your own taste and which. Then there are those which aren’t too capacious, or are just too large for what you need. And then there is the colour of the handbag, which is maybe the most important choice a woman has to make.

And all of these lead to one thing only: the statement the handbag makes about the woman holding it. This is the modern age and one should have a handbag for every occasion – one for going at work, one for going in the park with the kids, one for going in the club, one for attending special events such as weddings, and so on. Chicbags comes to meet all these requirements and then some.chicbags

Our offer doesn’t include just the handbags or the clutches, but also some other types of accessories as well. And these needn’t be called accessories. For example, if you have found the perfect business handbag to take at work, you might also consider a pair of shoes to match it. It is always easier to match the shoes with the handbag than the other way around.

Each season, we match our own collections with the latest trends from fashion capitals such as Paris or Milano. So there isn’t any question as far as fashion is concerned. But, by making exclusive deals with famous designers, we can offer you the latest and most elegant products at the lowest prices. And our offer doesn’t conclude with just this.

We know that, since the technology boom, women prefer to shop from home more often than not. That is why you can make your purchases on our website 24/7. Special discounts are offered to multiple purchases made in the same day, so you can let your lady friends know about this.

Also, if by any chance you do not like the product you have ordered, you can always send it back, for a full refund. Chicbags is all about our clients’ satisfaction – send us the product back and choose another one instead. Wherever you are in Romania, we are certain that your delivery will be made.

Every woman should have the handbag and the accessories which will make her more fashionable than everybody in a room. Every woman knows that any kind of outfit is improved by a handbag or a clutch. This is where you can find them all. Browse through all our collections and, among the many fashionable models, you will find the perfect one for yourself.

For elegant evenings at a fancy restaurant or for a wild night in the club, for something as simple as going with the kids for a walk or for attending a special event, for going to work or anything else – there is always a good choice to be made.

A choice which will tell all the others all they need to know without even having to ask. Chicbags is the online shop you can always trust to deliver.

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Modern and stylish floor drains

If you want to increase the quality of your lifestyle, don’t leave the shower room floor drains the last – as unimportant as they may seem, they are actually the ones which ensure your showers and baths to be as relaxing and as soothing as they should be. You wouldn’t want to make a hasty decision, on the last hundred yards and ruing your bathing experience.

Because it can be ruined. With faulty drains, there is always the risk of water overflowing – and you wouldn’t want that, especially after the morning shower, before leaving for work. With old draining systems, there is always the risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles and becoming stagnant – you wouldn’t want that rancid smell stressing you after a hard day’s work. So what should you do, whether you are moving into a new home, whether you are redecorating? You can choose between three alternatives for your new stainless steel drainage gully.stylish floor drains

The most common choice is the one of the traditional point drains, which have become more stylish and inconspicuous in the most recent years. However, these types of drains have become obsolete and, while they can be found in most of the households, they cannot handle the modern necessities of the modern man. In this way, they can become easily clogged and they are high maintenance. Furthermore, they are pretty difficult to install. Tips…

The second choice you can make is the one of the readymade shower room floors – they are exactly what you believe they are. You can buy them with the drain system already incorporated. And, as expected, it comes with the same risks of the traditional point drains.

So what is the best on the market, at this moment? Well, if you are asking yourself this question, the answer is the channel drains, also known as linear drains. Long and narrow profiles, they are basically trenches positioned either in the corner of the shower or against one of the walls. But by saying that these are trenches could make you believe that they are rather large.

It isn’t so. The longer these floor drains become, the narrower they end up to be – of course, there is a minimum opening which should be respected and which can be found in the manual of instructions. That is right – they are very easy to install and you can do it yourself, without the assistance of a professional.

Being longer, these types of drains collect the water and any impurities on a larger area. And that is why they can handle a larger flow of water than the traditional point ones. Because of the same reason, they are also low maintenance, with the risk of clogging greatly reduced.

The traditional point drains can be personalized, but in fewer ways than the linear ones. The linear channel drains can come made from any material available (from the latest antimicrobial alloys to the basic stainless steel), can come with gratings with different designs and even personalized inscriptions, and can even have LED lighting. Why shouldn’t you add to the aesthetics of your shower room if you can?

The traditional point drains are found in most of the households – however, more and more of our clients have asked for channel drains do be installed. They are the answer if you are searching for modern and stylish floor drains.

So give us a call and let our team of professionals tell you everything you need to know about our special offers. Come and make your purchase and you will realize that it is the best investment when it comes to increasing the quality of your lifestyle.

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Simple, elegant, special

For the most beautiful and most special days in the life of a couple, is here for you. Whether it is for the holy ceremony of marriage, whether it is for the holy baptism ceremony, with us you can find all the printable accessories needed for your special occasion, from invitations to menus and to name table cards. Appeal to our services and make a statement as to how special the occasion is for you.

Whether you are planning to perfection a fairy tale wedding, whether you want all the close ones at your side as you are properly welcoming your new born into the world, we are always at your disposal, with a large variety of wedding and baptism models of invitations, all of which can be personalized according to your own wishes. Simple and elegant, there is nothing else that could tell your guests that they will attend a truly special moment.Crisiashop

Simplicity is the one which should always prevail, since it announced both modesty and elegance. is the service provider which can help you with the invitations and all other printable accessories.

Even if all our collections are affordable, you can always choose between the Concept, the Boutique and the Ekonom collections, which are our cheapest offers. On the other hand, if you opt for something different and something more unique than you have ever witnessed, the EMMA and the Clara collections are definitely the ones you should check out at first. In either ways, all your guests will talk about your invitations with admiration.

And that is because an invitation isn’t just a calling to a party of some kind. An invitation is first and foremost a statement made by you, the host. So if you want as many guests as possible, choosing the right invitations shouldn’t be the last item on your to-do list. If you want for all your friends to see how you took care of everything concerning the special occasion, convince them with the perfect invitation.

Both the technology and the services have evolved in the most recent years, making everything available to your with just one phone call. Thus, after you have decided on the date and the place where the special event will happen, just browse through our collections. You can choose any of our models, or you can opt for a personalized kind of invitation.

People tend to leave this as their final item on the list. After all, sending invitations and such isn’t as important as choosing the wedding dress or the meal courses. So consider planning everything to perfection and then sending the worst invitations ever – it won’t leave such a good impression on your possible guests. Don’t leave this choice as your last – these are the small window through which your guests can catch a glimpse into the actual event. Is it a special day for you? Then you should mark it accordingly.

All that you need to do is give us a call, tell us on which of our models you have decided and how we can personalize it. Come to us and we will take care of everything – even of sending the invitations to your guests, at the most affordable fees. is at your disposal with the most modern and elegant invitations and printable accessories. For weddings and for baptism ceremonies, make a statement when calling your closest ones at your special event.

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