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How to choose the best wet room drains

The small details are the most important

The small details are the most important – and the wet room drains is such a small one that you barely notice it. Until it fails you, that is – whether it is the water overflowing and flooding the room, whether it is the clogging, or whether it is any other reason, you will notice how important it is.

And it will be in a major way (like the water overflowing and flooding the wet room), or in a very annoying way, for which you will have to search the reason: the smell of stagnant water, collected beneath the tiles, preventing you from relaxing during the shower or the bath.

So maybe now is the time to pay us a visit, especially if you haven’t considered this an important detail until now. And we have a very varied offer for you, from the traditional point drain system, to the linear and modern one, to the readymade shower floors with wet room drains incorporated. So you have already three alternatives for your new and improved drain system, alternatives which come themselves with their own myriad of choices to be made.

The readymade shower floors are the most obvious ones, since they are the easiest to install. Just take them and place them in the correct position, according to the specifications. You can do it yourself, without the help of a professional plumber.

The traditional point ones are the drains which can be found in many of the households. They are inexpensive and they do the job they need to do. However, while better and more resistant than the readymade floors, they can’t cope with bigger volumes of water, while also being prone to clogging. Because the water is collected on a smaller area, these risks are increased, just like in the case of the readymade floors.

So the most obvious choice is the channel drain system, the linear drains which have improved on both the design and the effectiveness of these previous alternatives. They are easier to install than the traditional point drains, while also being easier to maintain. Because the water is collected on a larger area, these wet room drains have decreased considerably the risks of water overflowing, as well as the risk of the clogging.

As far as their installation is concerned, while you should have one of our specialists with you, it isn’t necessary. You should just make sure that the shower room floor is tilted in the right direction (and it should be already) and that you have a large enough opening for the linear drain. And that is all.

It will be a huge improvement, not only because of the effectiveness, but also because of the design. While the traditional drains were holes in the ground, the linear drains won’t ruin the looks of the wet room. In fact, they will improve it.

You can also personalize all the drains you buy from us, no matter what type they may be. For further details about this, be sure to check it out. Then pay us a visit and change your wet room drains and the most comfortable and relaxing moments of the day will be spent in the shower or in the hot and bubbly bathtub.

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