Modern and stylish floor drains

If you want to increase the quality of your lifestyle, don’t leave the shower room floor drains the last – as unimportant as they may seem, they are actually the ones which ensure your showers and baths to be as relaxing and as soothing as they should be. You wouldn’t want to make a hasty decision, on the last hundred yards and ruing your bathing experience.

Because it can be ruined. With faulty drains, there is always the risk of water overflowing – and you wouldn’t want that, especially after the morning shower, before leaving for work. With old draining systems, there is always the risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles and becoming stagnant – you wouldn’t want that rancid smell stressing you after a hard day’s work. So what should you do, whether you are moving into a new home, whether you are redecorating? You can choose between three alternatives for your new stainless steel drainage gully.stylish floor drains

The most common choice is the one of the traditional point drains, which have become more stylish and inconspicuous in the most recent years. However, these types of drains have become obsolete and, while they can be found in most of the households, they cannot handle the modern necessities of the modern man. In this way, they can become easily clogged and they are high maintenance. Furthermore, they are pretty difficult to install. Tips…

The second choice you can make is the one of the readymade shower room floors – they are exactly what you believe they are. You can buy them with the drain system already incorporated. And, as expected, it comes with the same risks of the traditional point drains.

So what is the best on the market, at this moment? Well, if you are asking yourself this question, the answer is the channel drains, also known as linear drains. Long and narrow profiles, they are basically trenches positioned either in the corner of the shower or against one of the walls. But by saying that these are trenches could make you believe that they are rather large.

It isn’t so. The longer these floor drains become, the narrower they end up to be – of course, there is a minimum opening which should be respected and which can be found in the manual of instructions. That is right – they are very easy to install and you can do it yourself, without the assistance of a professional.

Being longer, these types of drains collect the water and any impurities on a larger area. And that is why they can handle a larger flow of water than the traditional point ones. Because of the same reason, they are also low maintenance, with the risk of clogging greatly reduced.

The traditional point drains can be personalized, but in fewer ways than the linear ones. The linear channel drains can come made from any material available (from the latest antimicrobial alloys to the basic stainless steel), can come with gratings with different designs and even personalized inscriptions, and can even have LED lighting. Why shouldn’t you add to the aesthetics of your shower room if you can?

The traditional point drains are found in most of the households – however, more and more of our clients have asked for channel drains do be installed. They are the answer if you are searching for modern and stylish floor drains.

So give us a call and let our team of professionals tell you everything you need to know about our special offers. Come and make your purchase and you will realize that it is the best investment when it comes to increasing the quality of your lifestyle.