The perfect drain system for a modern wet room

When it comes to choosing the shower trays for wetrooms, people usually believe that this is the last thing they should worry about – but it isn’t so. By choosing channel drains from the start, you will save both time and, on the long run, money. Sure enough, they may seem a bit more expensive – however, once you have bought them you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

As said, choosing a proper drain system is as important as anything else, when it comes to improving the quality of your lifestyle. While you pay little to no attention to it, the drain system is the one that helps you relax, whether in the morning before leaving to work, whether in the evening before going to sleep. When everything works just fine, you don’t even realize that it is there, doing its job. You just notice it when it doesn’t work properly any longer, when water starts infiltrating beneath the tiles or overflowing.

You wouldn’t want that. The channel drains, when properly installed, will completely remove these risks. And these types of drain system are much easier to install than the traditional point ones. For example, for traditional drains, you will have to have a concentric inclination of the tiles towards the drain. Furthermore, you will most likely have to cut some of them, in order to better place the drain. This is both time and money consuming.

The linear drains, on the other hand, necessitate just a slight inclination towards the part of the wet room in which they are placed. It is usually beside one of the walls or in a corner. Furthermore, because they are, basically, long and narrow profiles, you won’t have to hassle yourself with the cutting of the tiles. So which will it be? The hole in the ground, or the chic profile? We bet that this is the easiest choice to be made.

But this isn’t all. If you’d choose a traditional drain system, you’d have very few alternatives of personalization. Everything changes if you opt for the modern channel drains. In this way, you can have them made from any material available, from the traditional stainless steel to the latest antimicrobial alloys. Then, depending on how narrow you want the profile to be, you can opt for any design of the grating – you can even have personalized inscriptions on it, if you want.

The most recent trend among our many customers is having LED lighting added to the channel drains – as inconspicuous as they can be otherwise, adding lighting to them will certainly signal everybody that you are living life just like you want it.

And these three are just a few of the personalization methods from which you can choose. Forget all about the traditional shower rooms, which were functional and just that. Choose to have a wet room, completed with the latest draining technology. All your problems will disappear, problems which come with water infiltrating or overflowing, problems concerning clogging or simply faulty drain systems.

Give us a call and have our teams of professionals tell you everything you need to know. Come and see for yourself how we can help you.

If you want to move to a new home or improve you’re the quality of life, don’t let this be the last choice you make. Choose now the modern and stylish channel drains and enjoy your baths, just as everybody should!